It is simply as essential to have a regimented cleaning and upkeep plan in place as it is to select the right cleaning technique. Carpet cleaning requirements will be distinct to your workplace and will depend upon everything from levels of foot traffic, to the weather condition and your workplace area.

To plan your maintenance schedule, the first thing you require to do is map out your office and mark out the various levels of foot traffic across various parts of the area. You can then classify this with a traffic control system:

High traffic areas– red

Medium traffic areas– yellow

Low traffic areas– green

From here, you can work out how often each location needs cleaning and produce a maintenance schedule for your workplace.


Frequently vacuuming your carpet is the single most important consider extending the life of your carpet and enhancing look retention.

High traffic locations (your red zone) in your office ought to be vacuumed daily. For medium traffic locations, this can be lowered to two or three times a week, and low traffic locations you may be able to only vacuum once or twice a week.

If your office experiences higher-than-average levels of foot traffic throughout the whole space then it might need to vacuum more frequently, this is a guideline–. Additionally, if the weather is bad, and great deals of dirt and water is being brought into your workplace entryway on individuals’s shoes, you may require to clean up more regularly in the winter season compared with the summer.


Routine vacuuming can get rid of 80% of dirt and debris from your carpet, however even with the very best vacuum cleaner available, you still won’t manage to eliminate 100%.

The issue with the leftover 20% is that this dirt and debris get ground into your carpet and begin to wear away at the carpet fibers like sandpaper, which accelerates the appearance deterioration of your carpet.

As a guideline, high traffic locations should be deep cleaned up monthly, medium traffic locations will need deep cleaning three to four times a year, and low traffic areas can need to be deep cleaned up one or two times a year.


Most carpet tiles have integrated stain resistance to assist secure your carpet versus staining and soiling. These approaches aren’t ideal: they avoid spills penetrating into your carpet so they can quickly be cleaned up as they occur.

Nevertheless, if you’ve got a big office it won’t be possible to clean up all spills instantly. Some spills will be even worse than others– like if you drop an entire cup of coffee, instead of simply spilling a couple of drops. You must motivate your staff members to tidy up small spills as quickly as they happen, and it deserves to have a recognized cleaning procedure in place to deal with huge spills, since these will cause substantial staining.


While this isn’t strictly a cleaning idea, your option of carpet will have a huge effect on how long it maintains its look. A plain, light-colored carpet will reveal those small coffee drips much more compared with a dark-colored, patterned carpet.

Most Common Carpet Stains and Ways to Eliminate Them

Carpet stains aren’t the same. Others can surprisingly come out easily and won’t cause many problems for you. But, there are some stains really challenging to eliminate and stubborn by nature. For stains like this, it is essential for you to know what to do to effectively remove them or just reduce the damage. However, these kinds of stains usually need to be managed by the carpet and rug cleaning experts. To give you some ideas on how to remove stubborn stains on your carpet, read on this article: 

Bodily fluids 

Excrement and vomit from an animal or child won’t just stain your carpets, but they can also retain a persistent and foul smell. To get rid of this kind of stain, make sure to do all the measures needed to be done to clean it up. Baking soda can aid you to minimize the smell and eliminate the moisture. Moreover, there’s a possibility that it will be required to be deep cleaned to entirely eliminate all traces of the accident.  

Ink stain 

A pen that explodes ink, which stains everywhere from furniture and carpet is one of the dreaded things for carpet owners. This is because the ink is among the trickiest stain type to eliminate. Hence, the best answer to remove ink stains would be to pre-treat the affected spot with ammonia. After that, you will require a truck-mount steam rinse to help get rid of the stain. But in almost all cases, it’s still best to reach out to your trusted carpet cleaners in town. 

Coffee stains 

In residential and commercial properties, coffee is a typical occurrence. Aside from that, coffee stains on your carpet are pretty annoying to remove. They can be stubborn to eliminate since they leave unappealing brown or yellow stains. When you’ve accidentally spilled coffee on your carpet or rugs, try to look for dishwasher detergent and vinegar in your home and use them to help mitigate the damage due to the stain.  


Blood can deeply and quickly penetrate into the fibers of your carpet, which can possibly damage it permanently. Moreover, it’s really essential to clean up the blood on your carpet right away since there’s nothing more disgusting than having visible blood stains on your carpet, no matter how faint it is.  

Grape or wine juice stains 

Grape and wine juice are stains that are very challenging to remove due to various reasons. To begin with, fruit stains are really difficult to get rid of. Usually, dark-colored wines and grape juice naturally cause stronger stains. Lastly, they can penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet, causing it to become permanently damaged in other instances. If you want to treat this carpet stain, use hydrogen peroxide, and allow it to be soaked for a couple of minutes. Then, spray the stain with a mixture of cleaner and water.  

When some of these stubborn stains happen to your carpets, make sure to give us a call right away for assistance. 

Major Perks of Cleaning Your Carpet

Having a well-kept and clean house is one of the goals that any homeowner should aim for, particularly those who live with their household members. You need to prioritize cleaning your carpet and put in ton top of your checklist of the items that should always be maintained in your house. Also, you have to take special maintenance measures to guarantee that your carpets will always be clean. Here are the benefits of cleaning your carpet that you need to consider.  

Removes dust mites 

Plenty of dust mites are recognized to creep into different places of your house, which includes your carpet. Since they are all tiny, they are very hard to see. Aside from that, they can be the reasons why you’re experiencing various allergy symptoms when breathed or smelled in by others. To remove them and ensure that they won’t grow back in your carpet’s fibers, you will need to have it cleaned by the cleaning experts in town. This can help avoid any unsolicited development within your carpets.  

Extends your carpet’s life 

While various hazardous element like bacteria, dust, and dirt reaches into your carpet, they can reduce it’s lifespan as time passes by. When you wish to have a carpet that you can use for the following years to come, it needs to be regularly cleaned by the professionals who clean rugs and carpets for a living.

The area will smell better 

If you allow this dirt and bacteria to penetrate into your carpet, various smells can take place in your room. The bad odors and smells will be remained trapped for a long time. Once this occurs, it will only continue to smell even worse. In fact, it could be twice as smelly especially if you live with pets at home. When you have pets, you will most likely benefit from having your carpet professionally cleaned.  

You and your household members will feel healthier 

If you fail to regularly clean your carpet, you are letting bacteria and dust get trapped on it. It will sit inside your carpet and it will sneak into the air around your eventually. When this happens, it can possibly impact your household member since it can make them feel sick. If you want to protect your household members from taking in such hazardous toxins, you will need to clean it professionally. Afterward, you’ll get to breathe in much cleaner air.  

Your house will appear cleaner 

Commonly your carpet is one of the first things that people get to see right away as soon as they pass through your door. Sure, you can do whatever you want to keep up a lean home in other spaces. However, if your carpets aren’t clean, it can still compensate for the entire appearance of your house. When there are any visible marks and stains on your carpet, this can actually diminish the appearance of your home. Vacuuming can just remove so much, but not all. Have your carpet professionally cleaned if you want to prevent unappealing stains from taking place on it.