Carpet stains aren’t the same. Others can surprisingly come out easily and won’t cause many problems for you. But, there are some stains really challenging to eliminate and stubborn by nature. For stains like this, it is essential for you to know what to do to effectively remove them or just reduce the damage. However, these kinds of stains usually need to be managed by the carpet and rug cleaning experts. To give you some ideas on how to remove stubborn stains on your carpet, read on this article: 

Bodily fluids 

Excrement and vomit from an animal or child won’t just stain your carpets, but they can also retain a persistent and foul smell. To get rid of this kind of stain, make sure to do all the measures needed to be done to clean it up. Baking soda can aid you to minimize the smell and eliminate the moisture. Moreover, there’s a possibility that it will be required to be deep cleaned to entirely eliminate all traces of the accident.  

Ink stain 

A pen that explodes ink, which stains everywhere from furniture and carpet is one of the dreaded things for carpet owners. This is because the ink is among the trickiest stain type to eliminate. Hence, the best answer to remove ink stains would be to pre-treat the affected spot with ammonia. After that, you will require a truck-mount steam rinse to help get rid of the stain. But in almost all cases, it’s still best to reach out to your trusted carpet cleaners in town. 

Coffee stains 

In residential and commercial properties, coffee is a typical occurrence. Aside from that, coffee stains on your carpet are pretty annoying to remove. They can be stubborn to eliminate since they leave unappealing brown or yellow stains. When you’ve accidentally spilled coffee on your carpet or rugs, try to look for dishwasher detergent and vinegar in your home and use them to help mitigate the damage due to the stain.  


Blood can deeply and quickly penetrate into the fibers of your carpet, which can possibly damage it permanently. Moreover, it’s really essential to clean up the blood on your carpet right away since there’s nothing more disgusting than having visible blood stains on your carpet, no matter how faint it is.  

Grape or wine juice stains 

Grape and wine juice are stains that are very challenging to remove due to various reasons. To begin with, fruit stains are really difficult to get rid of. Usually, dark-colored wines and grape juice naturally cause stronger stains. Lastly, they can penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet, causing it to become permanently damaged in other instances. If you want to treat this carpet stain, use hydrogen peroxide, and allow it to be soaked for a couple of minutes. Then, spray the stain with a mixture of cleaner and water.  

When some of these stubborn stains happen to your carpets, make sure to give us a call right away for assistance.