Privacy Notice

The following provides detail about The Halifax Wine Company’s Privacy Policy. Bear in mind that this policy only applies to the web site. There’s likely to be links to other sites that we thought relevant or useful; we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other web sites to which we provide links. Kind of obvious, really, but it has to be said.

We’re pretty hot on privacy and data protection. This is because we, too, are sick of getting Spam emails in our inbox, junk mail through our door, and phone calls from bored students trying to supplement their beer money by trying half-heartedly to sell best-ever double-glazing with built-in life assurance and a pre-approved loan.

This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

What data do you collect from me while I’m browsing the site?
If you do nothing but browse around the site, all we collect is the basic information that your browser gives us. That’s just a load of almost-fascinating information like what make and model of browser, screen size and suchlike. It also tells us your domain name and IP address; these are a way of identifying the computer that you are connecting to our webserver with. Usually, that’s to all intents and purposes a computer at your Internet Service Provider and not your own.

What we can’t tell is who you are, what your name is, anything about the software on your computer, or what colour underwear you have on.

And that’s it. For all we know, you could be The Queen.

Okay, so what if I register and give you my address and stuff?
Well, then we have your address. We can send you wine. Yippee!
Your address will only EVER be used by us to send you our products when you’ve bought them.
There’s a slim chance that we might need to write to you if your email isn’t working for instance, but that’s about it.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll use your email to send you… our newsletter.
Other than that, the only time we’ll use your email address is to communicate information about your order(s) with us. In other words, no “spam” from us. We sell wines, not potted meat products.

That’s all very well, but will you disclose the information that you collect to outside third parties?
Nope. Not on your Nelly. Not unless we are required to do so by law.

Do you use cookies? What’s a cookie anyway? Will they tell you about my underwear?
– Yes.
– A small piece of anonymous data that our web server gives to your browser to keep so that it can see if you’ve been before and remember which “shopping cart” to put your choices in as you bimble about the site. A kind of electronic cloakroom ticket, you could say.
– No. What is it about your underwear anyway?

Unlike some web sites, we don’t store any personal information in a cookie. It’s just a random number. A cookie can’t read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other Web sites. Cookies do not damage your system. Cookies are your friend (or at least, our nice yummy cookies are).

You can actually choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings of your browser. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies, or allow your browser to show you when a cookie is being sent. If you choose not to accept cookies, you may find that some features of this site (and others) may not work as intended.

I do hope you’re registered under the Data Protection Act
Oh yes, as should any body retaining data in electronic OR paper form.

We have strict security procedures covering the storage and disclosure of information in order to prevent unauthorized access to comply with the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998.

If you ever want to know exactly what information we hold about you, you may ask us in writing to do so; note that we’d require this to be in writing, and for you to convince us that you really are you, else any old Tom, Dick or Harry could pass themselves off as you and hoodwink us into coughing up your address. We’re wise to that.

Furthermore, if you decide that you don’t wish us to hold whatever info we have about you, you may write to us and ask us to remove it from our records, and we shall, of course, comply.

Customer Feedback and Complaints
We welcome your questions and comments about privacy issues and the design of our web site. Should you have such comments or have a complaint about how we are using your personal data, please send an e-mail to , and we’ll kick the webmaster into touch / brandish the UK Data Protection Act threateningly at all our staff.