Bail is a major component of any sentence or fine. It gives the court the assurance that the defendant won’t run. And while some people do not understand the nuances or details of how bail is posted, it does help the court keep track of defendants and account for bail.

The amount of bail money that a defendant pays will depend on the severity of the crime committed. In the state of Texas, bail starts at $1,000 – $5,000 for misdemeanors, Up to $20,000 for more serious offenses, and for suspected murder cases, bail bonds money starts at least a million dollars.

Before the defendant is set free, the bail amount is posted to the court, which is then paid to the office of the judge or magistrate, who is responsible for setting the defendant’s bail. After that, the judge or magistrate makes a determination as to whether or not the defendant will be released.

Who pays the bail?

There are 2 ways a defendant can post bail. The first option is to pay the full amount of bail money directly to the court. Shouldering the entire burden and taking on the responsibility to show up at his/her designated court dates.

The second way to post bail is by hiring professionals. Not everyone in the U.S. has thousands of extra money to bail themselves or their loved ones out of jail. That’s why there are companies like Billy’s Brownsville Bail Bonds who specialize in assisting you with your bail concerns.

The way our team operates is by shouldering the bail amount and charging the defendant a small fee of 10% – 15%. We make sure that you show up for your hearing and will also handle communication with the court representatives.

Where does the bail money go?

After you or your bail agent has paid the bail money to the court, it will be held onto by the court system. The court will continue to do so until the defendant has done all that is legally required of him like responding to court communication and showing up at his/her designated court hearing date.

Whether guilty or not, as long as the defendant complied with all the requirements, the full amount of bail will be returned. If you paid the entire amount by yourself, it will take several weeks to process and get a full refund.

If you hired a bail bondsman, you will not get back the 10% – 15% you paid them but the upside is you didn’t shell out the full amount of bail bonds money and you don’t have to go through the hassle of filing for a bail refund.

On the other hand, if you failed to comply with all the requirements and didn’t show up to your court hearing, a warrant will be issued and any claim to your bail money will be forfeited, bail bondsman or not.

Benefits of hiring a bail bonds company

Here is a list compiled by our team on the benefits we can afford you and your loved ones:

Financial Savings
If you don’t have thousands of dollars saved up, hiring a bail agent can be your only choice if you want to post bail and get out of jail while waiting for your trial date. The company will shoulder the bulk of the cost and you only have to pay a certain percentage.

Legal knowledge 
Talking to court representatives can involve a lot of technical terms and some of them might escape your full comprehension, professional Bail Bond agents know the ins and outs about how the bail process works and will be able to expedite the process.

Bail agents know the ins and outs will also make sure that you show up at your designated court dates and that you will know what you’re getting into.

Avoid financial scrutiny
If your bail amount is quite a large sum, and your current financial situation doesn’t support you being able to shell out that much money, an investigation could be launched and could delay the process even further.

Bail companies have a reputation with the court and when you hire them, there will be no questions asked about whether the money was legally obtained or not.